“Rubik’s Chromosomes”

…is the name of my first story to be published!  I just signed the contract with Analog Science Fiction and Fact, publication date TBD.

I’ve run into a bit of a problem when I humble-brag about this: I am quite reasonably asked, “What’s your story about?”  And then I hesitate like I’ve just forgotten what we’re talking about, because I went through so many revisions and have refused to look at it since I sent it to Analog five months ago that, um, er…it’s a mystery?  About genetics?  In the near-future, where people can design their children’s genomes at-will, and what does a genetic designer do when some crazily conservative Saudi Arabian fundamentalists show up wanting a son who’s brilliant–and a daughter who’s not?

Okay, now I remember my story.  Although not as well as I remember (awkward segue alert) all of the teachers and advice and, frankly, cut-to-the-bone criticism that have helped–and absolutely continue helping–me:

  1. Cat Rambo’s Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories.  I took this back when it involved us primates being in the same room simultaneously.  I took it twice, it was so helpful and informative and logical; but really, what else would you expect from a Hugo-nominated writer-teacher like Cat Rambo?  (I’m biased–“Love’s Footsteps” at Daily Science Fiction is one of my favorite fantasy stories)
  2. Writing Excuses, a weekly podcast about writing sci-fi and fantasy, by Mary Robinette Kowal, Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells.  There’s a reason this podcast keeps winning the Hugo (other than the sex, sex, and more sex, naturally).  Particularly helpful episodes for me include the M.I.C.E. Quotient, The Villain Problem, and World Building Communications Technology.
  3. North Seattle Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers Meetup.  Flat-out the best critique group I’ve ever worked with.  Professional and supportive, but not afraid to cut down to the bone when needed.  The scars just make you stronger.

5 thoughts on ““Rubik’s Chromosomes”

  1. Jay Kusnetz says:

    just read it tonight, and told my gf (neuroscientist, has pet rats) about Jonathan, and she cracked up. Now I think I have to find a cube that’s safe to put into a cage….

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