Marrying Mr. Darcy

Yesterday we went to Geek Girl Con ’13.  And it was the friendliest, geekliest, and most-introvert-compatible* con I’ve ever been to, for these reasons:

  1. Paneling.  Paneling, paneling, paneling.  I went to a crazily-informative panel on understanding contracts, presented by two smart, friendly, geeky contract lawyers: Katie Lane and Caitlin DiMotta.  Who would’ve thought a panel on terrifying legalese could be both useful and entertaining?  And speaking of entertaining: Rebecca Watson, Lindy West, Luvvie Ajayi, and Amanda Marcotte.  WOW.
  2. Unlike PAX, which is headache-inducing loud and crowded in a “Gosh, sure hope the Fire Department doesn’t need to get in here!” sort of way, Geek Girl Con sold out all its passes but did not oversell and did a good enough job enforcing/whatever that you could move about freely, interacting with people in a relaxed, polite way because nobody’s face was shoved into an armpit without adequate ventilation and sound dampening.
  3. Marrying Mr. Darcy.  We got to play the prototype for this game (which was a feat by itself, because damn, that game kept getting checked out fast), and–because it was that awesome, and that witty, and that tactically-brilliant of a game–we played it twice.  The first time I played Charlotte Lucas and, because of a tragic Scandal!, had to marry Wickham; the second time I was Caroline Bingley and, despite becoming an Old Maid, still won the game on a lucky dice-roll that turned me into a super-famous author with a happy family which did not resent me hanging about, being unmarried and old.

My only complaint about the con?  And I know this is like complaining that there wasn’t enough dark chocolate frosting on the dark chocolate cake, but: I wanted more writing-focused panels.  And: I wanted the writing-focused panels spread out a little more, because it seemed like many of them often ran in parallel in the same timeslots, making things rather challenging for the geographically-/chronologically-fixed among us.

*  Seriously, they had a quiet area set off as ‘INTROVERT ALLEY,’ where people were sitting around reading books and doing things on laptops and generally recharging.  BRILLIANT.


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