Today’s internet search log…

…consists of the following:

  1. taste and odor of arsenic
  2. arsenic
  3. tissue distribution of acute arsenic dose
  4. cadaver-scenting pigs
  5. truffle-scenting pigs
  6. cadaverine
  7. king arthur ginger cookie recipe

…and is (I swear!) research for a story.  Except for the ginger cookie recipe.

Which reminds me of a few months after I got married, when I inadvertently almost killed my husband with biscotti.  Thanks to all the eggs, raw biscotti dough is as tacky and fun to play with as warm rubber cement.  I like to mix it by hand–literally–before baking it twice and then setting it out to cool overnight for a delightful breakfast.

As I got out of the shower the next morning, I heard a strange ::crunch:: from the kitchen.  A moment later, my husband came into the bathroom.  In one hand, he held a half-eaten biscotti.  In the other, a heat- and tooth-deformed gold band.

To his credit, he kindly inquired if I was missing my wedding ring.


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