We’ve adopted a new kitty!  Mittens is a clever, charming, sweet-tempered, and incredibly inbred Birman.  She has brought joy, happiness, and approximately 70% more poop by mass into our lives.

Naturally, our already-existing cat, Merlin, was Not Thrilled at being non-consensually roommated.  He showed his displeasure with his new roommate in all the ways anyone would: leaving his poop out; trying to bite her on the face; and glaring across the room while heaving passive-aggressive sighs that coalesced into sad faces smelling faintly of Purina.

This ended when he figured out that we’re putting out twice as much cat food as before.  Because Merlin is Big Boned.  He is Big and Tall.  He is–as our vet friend put it once, telling us about the cat body scale that goes from one through five–a 5+.  Merlin will forgive anything and anyone–even Mittens–if they bring more food into his life.

Which loops back around to my original point: that 70% increase in poop is, as we say in academia, the result of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration.

And as the resident grad student, I naturally get to clean it up.   





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