Top five reasons for blog not being updated

  1. Cat fell asleep on keyboard and didn’t move for three months.
  2. Demons possessed computer mouse.  Every time bought a new mouse, that one got possessed, too.  Finally gave up and learned how to use trackpad while ignoring unnatural crab-like movements of possessed mice.
  3. Forgot password at same time Kosher dietary laws expanded to forbid clicking on Send me new password (NOTE: only applies to Jews and confused Unitarians).
  4. Agreed to act as scientific consultant for megalomaniacs playing God on a Costa Rican island-turned-Disneyland with resurrected, extinct creatures which should have been left extinct, you fools, you mad, mad fools!  Also, velociraptor bites took several months to heal.
  5. Developed eyeball allergy to WordPress logo.  Took Benadryl and got too sleepy to type.

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