Current & forthcoming publications


Sterile Technique

Published in Futuristica: Volume 1. Family obligations, prion disease, and vat-grown meat collide in near-future Kolkata.

Blood and Sugar

Forthcoming in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Blood runs thicker than maple syrup in a post-apocalyptic New Hampshire.

Good Breeding

Forthcoming in GigaNotoSaurus. Mendelian genetics and military sabotage meet the adult version of an infamous Regency ditz.

E. hyderabaadus

Forthcoming in Aliterate. A bacteria-degraded cell phone forces a Mexican town’s mecánica to confront a technological outbreak–and her inevitable future.



Crossed Genres. Not every maternal robot wants to be a mother.

Rubik’s Chromosomes

Published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Reviewed by Locus and Tangent’s Louis West, who called it “A crisply told, tension-filled tale that dropped me deep into Tecca’s reality.  In just a few pages, the author grapples with one of humankind’s greatest challenges…A definite read.”